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How big data and analytics can improve public transport in India

Big data is the future of every country, irrespective of its development level. The fundamentals and principles of big data analysis are essential, and if used properly, can result in dynamic growth and development.

India being a developing country, needs more technology and advanced resources. These resources and technologies will not only help in the growth of the country but will also improve its infrastructure and overall performance. Urbanization and growth have led to a remarkable benefit in the GDP and the overall financial structure of the country but, on the other hand, has led to an enormous increase in the rate of transport and population. The analysis and reports from big data can be used as the medium to transport information that can be helpful in the development process of a country.

Big data usually consists of structured and unstructured data retrieved from various sources on a day-to-day basis. This data is then stored and divided into different categories for different uses. Big organizations and units usually exchange data of their customers to increase their outreach and get the correct idea of the analysis to be conducted. This data can be of great help in the field of public transport as well. Public transport is an affordable medium of traveling and computation widely and readily available for all users. The data collected can be used by various organizations in different ways to get accurate information.


  • The foremost use of big data analysis to gather information about the travel pattern analysis. This identifies the travel routine of an individual to understand the number of people traveling at a particular point of time through a particular route. The data can be further used to find out people traveling on a regular and an occasional basis.

  • It can be used for automatic vehicle location (AVL). The process of AVL can easily be linked with the GPS. This will provide an accurate idea of the location and can also be used in emergencies and accidents. Companies can also track the user's location through various application-based data so that the user and its location are secured and cannot be misused in any way.

  • India is the second-most populous country globally, and hence the requirement and the need for public transportation are more. Not every person can afford to have an independent vehicle, and most people prefer public transport over personal ones. The track data can also be used to get an idea of the individual preferring public transport and the individuals opting for a means of personal transport. This can be used for an in-depth analysis by various automobile brands producing different types of vehicles.

  • Top-tier and Metropolitan cities have trains, buses, and metro stations located at different places. Data analysis can help the authorities and state governments analyze and understand a station's requirement in a particular locality. This will make it easier for the citizens to track public transport and its timing.

  • Big data can also be used in analyzing and sourcing the best alternative to a problem. Public transport and its related aspects have multidimensional issues that can impact the general public. A data scientist can do a proper analysis to find out the best alternative to an alarming issue.

Apart from these benefits, big data and analysis can easily be used in various other sectors. Public transport and automobiles are related to every individual, and hence the data can be of great help. There are numerous other data collection methods, but these traditional ways are not sufficient for a country with such a huge population. In many cases, people are not aware of the benefits or are not using things appropriately. To improve the public transport system, the government and other organizations can join hands to find out the best way for data collection, interpretation, and analysis.

It is necessary to store the big data appropriately and safely so that it is always in safe hands. The data can be of great help only if used properly or lead to big trouble. Technological advancements always have a darker side, and it is the duty of every person concerned with it to ensure its optimal usage. There are many proven cases where big data has saved people's lives in danger and where the information tracked is used to find criminals and other culprits. The collected data can be used to develop and grow any city so that everyone can get an equal chance and facilities. Also, this will lead to the growth of the rural and backward areas of the country.

The collection and analysis of big data can be of great help, provided it is used appropriately and safely. The benefits and the usage overpowers the risk involved, but the risk should never be ignored in any case.

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