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Top 5 productivity automation a user can achieve by connecting Slack and Zendesk

The profitability and success of a business lie in its customer. It is only due to a strong customer base that a company or a brand grows well and achieves exceptional goals and status. Everyone wants to grow and rule the market but only a few can do so. There are various tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency at work.

Growth is a multidimensional concept and requires a dynamic attitude. No one can achieve success overnight but every bit of effort done directionally can help you in achieving your goals quickly. The primary tool to achieve success is customer satisfaction. Every brand delivering services or products targets a particular section of society. Based on this section, they take the necessary actions and plan a strategy to get more and more leads and to captivate the market positively. Communication is the primary thing that can be done at every level from the embryo stage to an established one. This communication can be either internal or external and based on this new ideas can be achieved and discussed with various teams.

To make communication more worthy, slack and Zendesk are the two primary platforms that are used by various companies. Both these platforms are extremely good in terms of software and come with an interface that makes it easier for the user to understand the platform and its functionality. This quick interface also aids a user to learn more about the things that he is unaware of and how these things can benefit him. To get a good customer base and to capture a great market, every brand needs to have happy and satisfied customers. This might seem to be an impossible task due to the different tastes and preferences of customers but a combination of these two platforms can do wonders for you and your business. Slack can be used for effective internal communication and you can even make various groups for different projects. On the other hand, Zendesk comes with a great CRM protocol that helps users to solve their queries as soon as possible and also allows them to raise a ticket wherever necessary.

No software is perfect at all and comes with some flaws but a combination of this software can result in massive growth and huge profits for you and your business.


  • ASSIGN TICKETS- Your customers can share their feedback and grievances by raising a ticket that will reach you quickly. This ticket is raised by using zendesk and once you receive the ticket, you can assign it to the concerned person. Every organization has different departments and sections working on different things. To ensure that everything is in proper order, it is very important to have great communication within the departments. Once the ticket is received, it can be distributed as per the roles using slack. Also, feedback and reverts can be discussed on Slack to ensure that customers get the correct information for the ticket raised.

  • PRIORITY AND FILTERS- Zendesk bots allow its users to filter and prioritize the tickets or the reverts received in a specific manner. This will help the users to find out and select a ticket or a request based on certain criteria. Once the filtered list is achieved, it can be shared with the team through slack.

  • SUMMARY OF TICKETS- Zendesk offers great interactive features that are extremely useful and can do wonders for your business. It offers its users a place to see all the tickets received in a specific period and allows them to download and share them on other platforms. Once you do so, you can easily share it with your team on Slack and can find the potential flaws and the scope for renewal and success.

  • ESCALATE TICKET FROM SLACK- All the tickets from zendesk can easily be assigned to their related agents. But there might be a situation when the agent needs an additional assistant from a fellow team or a person from his team. In such a situation slack can be used to escalate or to transfer the ticket from one department to another to ensure that the results are achieved in the stipulated time without any delay.

  • TRACK YOUR DATA- This integration can be a great boon to all the project managers and team leads working under different sections. All these things will allow him to monitor the data and its outcome collectively. This will reduce the hassle and will also reduce the chances of doubling of work and miscommunication that arises due to different platforms. Also by using filters and refined searches, he can analyze the performance of a person and how he deals with the ticket to ensure that his work is appropriately done.

The integration between slack and zendesk is extremely useful and beneficial to every organization irrespective of its size and functionality. In most cases, this integration has resulted in message profits and more customer satisfaction and retention. The primary goal of the business is achieved on time and the team is also managed appropriately. All this will also make the internal team more clear about their roles and duties and the task assigned to them. The project head can also monitor the performance of his team as a hold or a particular team member so that he can find out the deviations and can work upon them.

Every software is of a different type and has a distinct functionality. To combine software you need a specialized person with dedicated skills and proficient knowledge of his work.

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